Profession: Artist & Art teacher

Marina Gonzalez focuses her interest on the consciousness treatment through the creation of artistic stimulus which motivates different physiological mechanisms of perception. Her art creations are the connectivity way between the sensitive reality and cognitive response.

Her paintings range from media abstract composition to visual stories of complicated, unconventional or simply everyday people.

Also, she works in different projects and collaborates with different organisations. Her current project focuses on the massive crisis of Refugees.

Marina holds painting and drawing classes twice a week in her space and can accommodate all age groups. This approach towards engaging the local community is something that is essential in demystifying the career of the artist and is an important catalyst in propelling the younger generations into the creative arts.

To visit her studio or to know more about the art classes, please visit her website and send an email through the contact page.

Instagram: marinagonzalezart

Twitter margonart

Bow Arts Studios, Ice House Court