Profession: Caribbean Inspired Sauces, Seasonings and Chutneys

‘I grew up watching my grandmother prepare lots of sweets and typical Jamaican dishes for sale. My great grandmother had a cook shop in which she also prepared meals for labourers near Pimento Hill in St Mary. So I have always had that influence. In my entire family all the men cook as much as the women and I have great memories of running “boat” in the backyard with my cousins at any and every opportunity. This consisted of whatever bits of meat we could find or piece of salt ting, flour for boiled dumplings, green bananas, and some nice cool sugar an’ water to wash it down with….yum! Cooking Jamaican is all about old memories and creating new ones. We socialise a lot around food as we recognise its about feeding the soul as it is about feeding the body.’ Dawn.

Our Values and Principles

Our mission is to make our sauces and seasonings the best in taste, texture and quality without compromising on our production or our ethics.

We want our customers to have the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that, with our products to guide them, they can either (re)create memories of being in the Caribbean or create their own, new, culinary experience.

We will do this while always:
– using fresh, high quality ingredients, ethically produced.
– buying from local farmers where ever possible.

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